Hand-Aid – 50ml Spray Bottle

Hand-Aid – 50ml Spray Bottle


Kills 99.9% of Bacteria | 75% Alcohol

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Hand-Aid 50 ml spray bottle


Hand sanitizers are useful where there is an unavailability of water or soap. To purify hands from germs and harmful bacteria, you must carry with you a bottle of alcohol-based hand sanitizer in your travel essentials. Hand-Aid-50ml Spray Bottle is manufactured to fulfill the needs of the consumer base to keep their hands clean and safe from diseases. Washing your hands using a Hand-Aid-50ml Spray bottle will disinfect your hands and skin from any infectious bacteria hence preventing the spread of contagious diseases.


This product has a balanced measure of natural moisturizing oils that will protect your hands from getting dehydrated and hence keeps your skin from getting dry, cracked, or coarse. The outermost layer of your skin needs special attention as it is the most in contact with the outer world and its harmful components. An infection can sprout up if you don’t protect your skin with the best hand sanitizer present in the market. Hand-Aid-50ml Spray bottle is manufactured to provide the best protection for hands and skin.


Why are small bottles better than the bigger ones? 


Having a small bottle of Hand-Aid Spray is better as it is portable, and the sanitizer can be applied on hands hassle-free. While going out, you have other chores to do, and carrying a big bottle of spray is just not that handy. Having a small bottle will allow you to carry it in your pocket or even in a money pouch. Keeping yourself safe is the priority, and carrying a big bottle of sanitizer gets tough to apply it whenever and wherever.


While you are out, you might get in contact with things under public use such as grocery trollies, locks for doors, and the money notes as well. All these things are carriers of germs. Many people just skip applying sanitizer just because the one they have come to a big packaging. Hence for one’s safety, smaller spray bottles are better as they are easy to use. The hassle of carrying unnecessary weight is just pointless.


How does Hand-Aid-50ml Spray Bottle work?


The hand sanitizer bottle is pulling the disinfectant liquid out of the bottle to a one-way valve. The plastic pump is powered by a trigger that forces the alcohol-based hand sanitizer to a nozzle, which breaks up the liquid into even spritz of fluid. This fluid covers your hands and skin, evenly creating a protective layer against the bacteria.


Is the spray safe to use – A legal disclaimer


Hand-Aid-50ml Spray is entirely safe to use, but there are some protocols of using it. The hand sanitizer contains alcohol, which is highly flammable and creates fumes of liquid. It is suggested that the hand sanitizer is kept away from heat, fire, hot surfaces, sparks, and flames. Once you apply it on your hands, refrain from smoking as your skin might catch fire. Keep away from the eyes as the contact will cause eye irritation. If you get the products of the hand sanitizer in contact with your eyes, then rinse cautiously with water for a couple of times until irritation vanishes or lessens. Contact a doctor immediately if the irritation persists. The doctor or medical help might want to see the packaging of the Hand-Aid Spray, so keep it with you. Store the bottle at room temperature and keep out of direct sunlight.


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