Hand-Aid - 3 Alcohol Solutions 10ml

Hand-Aid – 3 Alcohol Solutions 10ml


Kills 99.9% of Bacteria | 75% Alcohol

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Hand-Aid Alcohol solution


Alcohol-based solutions are used for purifying hands and skin from infectious and harmful bacteria. Many companies produce different packaging of hand sanitizer solutions to cater to the needs of the consumer base. Hand-Aid Alcohol Solution is a product you can use to disinfect your hands and with ease. This solution is used in any condition where there is the unavailability of water or soap. You can carry this pocket-friendly packaging of Hand-Aid Alcohol Solution and keep yourself safe from diseases spread around. You can carry this small hand sanitizer packaging with you anywhere at all. It easy to slid it in your handbag or even in your clothing pocket.


This hand sanitizer has active ingredients of ethyl alcohol effective in killing 99.9% of bacteria, keeping your hands and body safe from bacteria and certain chemicals present on hands. Hand-Aid Alcohol solution hand sanitizer will give you protection from germs and harmful products present in the air and will also protect your skin. It contains natural moisturizing oils that keep your skin hydrated and doesn’t let it get dry. Using a low-quality hand sanitizer might deprive your skin of its natural oils hence making your skin dry, cracked, or coarse. But Hand-Aid Alcohol Solution is a moisturizing hand sanitizer that keeps your hands hydrated in any situation while giving you strong protection from bacteria.


Why do we need to use a Hand-Aid Alcohol Solution?


Using the Hand-Aid Alcohol solution will provide you with the required protection from harmful bacteria present on your skin and will also be soft to use. Gel solutions are fairly gentle and soft to use for external purposes. It easily gets mixed over your skin and becomes a seamless layer of protection from the germs. You might not even notice that you have applied the Hand-Aid Alcohol solution due to its rich, smooth gel-based formula. The alcohol present in Hand-Aid Alcohol solution acts fast and kills germs instantly while giving you a smooth and gentle skin.


Is it safe to use Hand-Aid Alcohol Solution?


Hand sanitizers, either in solution or spray form, are safe for external use. Hand-Aid Alcohol solution is also safe, but there are some protocols to use it. After applying this solution, stay away from fire and hot surfaces. It would help if you avoided any closure with heat, sparks, open flames, and other ignited things. It would help if you also refrain from smoking after applying Hand-Aid Alcohol Solution. Keep your hands and skin away from your eyes once you have applied Hand-Aid Alcohol solution as it might cause severe irritation.


Upon contact with the eyes rinse several times cautiously. If the irritation persists, try consulting a doctor or a medical service. Carry the packaging of this small sanitizer with you so that doctor would know for sure how to give you a treatment. Store the product at room temperature away from the direct sunlight.


We all know prevention is far better than cure. Hence no heedlessness must be taken when it comes to human health and well being against harmful bacteria and chemicals.


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