How to properly use hand sanitizer – step by step guide

How to properly Use Hand Sanitizer

How to properly use hand sanitizer – step by step guide

Today, we will teach you to step by step on how to use hand sanitizer properly. As the world has observed life to get quite fast-paced in the past few decades, daily tasks have also been altered. Where one is always mobilized for different life chores, it gets difficult always to have a water and soap supply at hand. To maintain hygiene and to also make sure that one doesn’t get diseased due to the bacteria present in the atmosphere, the Hand Sanitizers were developed. They were specially designed for times where soap and water are inaccessible. Most hand sanitizers are alcohol-based. Alcohol immediately kills the bacteria and most viruses when rubbed onto the hands.

How to properly Use Hand Sanitizer
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How to use hand sanitizers – A Guide:


  1. Waterless hand sanitizer
  2. Friction 

The proper technique of cleaning hands with hand sanitizer is as below:

Four steps are in total:

  1. Before starting to use the hand sanitizer, make sure that all of the organic matter is removed from your hands. Organic matter is anything from the environment that has a large source of carbon-based compounds that are found within natural and lab-engineered, terrestrial, and aquatic environments. Any level of duct must be removed from the hands.
  2. Take a dime-sized amount of waterless hand sanitizer and apply it to the front and back of the hands. You can also use a waterless hand sanitizer wipe. It will also provide the same functionality of defending you from germs.
  3. Make sure to rub your hands together, and don’t leave a spot dry on your hands. It will help to kill all of the germs.
  4. Now keep rubbing slightly until the waterless hand sanitizer is completely absorbed into your skin. The gel of the hand rub will be evenly smoothed out over your skin and will eventually become dry.

How it works:

Water hand sanitizers are efficient in providing you with complete protection from the germs the same as soaps do. But the hand sanitizers either gel or wipes, render useless if there is dirt, food, or other things present onto your hands. If there is a visible amount of these things present onto your hands, then you probably would have to search for water to clean everything up.


The benefits of waterless hand sanitizers are stated as below:

  • Requires little time to get the job done as compared to washing hands with soap and water
  • They act quickly and kill germs and bacteria from your hands in little time
  • Are accessible and can be used anywhere without needing a sink
  • They help in reducing bacterial count on hands
  • They do not promote antimicrobial resistance
  • Do not cause skin irritation as soap and water does
  • They can also improve the condition of your skin as they contain essential oils that help to keep the skin moisturized

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Using hand sanitizers to kill germs and bacteria from your hands is quite an easy job because of the portability it provides. You can carry a small bottle of hand sanitizers in your bag or pocket and use them anywhere you belive your hands got contamination of microorganisms over them.

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