Hand Sanitizer or HandWashing Which Is Best Against Viruses?

Hand Sanitizer Vs Hand Washing

Hand Sanitizer or HandWashing Which Is Best Against Viruses?

Today we will discuss hand sanitizer or handwashing which one is best against viruses. Our hands are always in constant contact with the outer world. The air and other elements of our surrounding environment contain germs and viruses. These viruses can quickly get over our hands and skins and can enter into our system. Many deadly viruses can travel to our bodies straight from our hands to mouth. The notorious coronavirus has been infecting hundreds and millions of people the same way.

Negligence towards the cleanliness of one’s hands can end up in results far much worse than just diarrhea or infections. The deadly virus called COVID-19 has already killed millions of people who did not adopt the habit of cleaning hands with soap or sanitizer regularly throughout the day.

Doctors suggest that both of these products are effective in killing the virus. But in some situations, one gets better than the other when applied.

When should I use a Bar of Soap/Handwashing?

You must wash your hands with soap and water at any time you get the chance to. Washing your hands for 30 seconds can kill all the germs on your hands and hence protect you from illnesses. You must consider washing your hands regularly if you met someone out of your household or if you went to a public spot like a grocery shop or a bar. We all know prevention is better than cure; hence one should protect oneself in all possible ways. Soaps, when used with water, provide you with the benefit of thorough cleaning of germs and bacteria.

When should I use a Hand Sanitizer?

Hand sanitizers were built because of the situation one might where there is no soap or water available. Hand sanitizers contain such chemicals that effectively kill the germs when rubbed over the hands. It would help if you considered applying hand sanitizer every time you see the unavailability of soap and water. You can save yourself from diseases like the coronavirus by regularly rubbing hand sanitizers onto your hands. Hand sanitizers provide you with portability and protection from germs on the go.

Which is better among the Hand Sanitizer or Handwashing?

Now to answer the question of which is better, we will have to focus on the benefits these both provide. Soaps provide you with complete 99.9% cleaning of germs from hands, but soaps require water to be used along with them to wash hands.

On the other hand, using a hand sanitizer gives you freedom from needing water to clean your hands. You can directly apply hand sanitizers onto your hands and rub them slightly. The portability option is the main highlight of hand sanitizers. They provide germ protection on the go. But they are not sure to provide you with maximum safety from germs. Hand sanitizers do their job until you don’t go clean your hands with water. So hand sanitizers can be used to get maximum protection from the deadly viruses spread around the world without being restricted to a water source or soup. You can get a small packaging of hand sanitizer to carry along with you once you go out of the houses to grocery shops or your friend’s houses.

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