alcohol-based vs non-alcohol based sanitizers


alcohol-based vs non-alcohol based sanitizers

Today we will tell you about alcohol-based vs non-alcohol based sanitizers. The hand sanitizer plays a crucial role in today’s unhealthy atmosphere. It’s additionally one of the most straightforward personal hygiene practices. Washing your hands first with soap and water is essential. But also sanitizing your hands with hand sanitizer makes you healthier. In some cases, when there is no soap and water while traveling, camping, in schools, and public transports. It would help if you kept a pocket-sized hand sanitizer with you for your hygiene.

Hand sanitizer comes in two sorts; Alcohol-based and Alcohol-free—many people like alcohol-based hand sanitizer due to their prolonged effectiveness. The alcohol-free hand sanitizer additionally protects your hands while not drying them. But, people might select it as per their kind of skin.


Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizers

  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains 60-65% alcohol is often the best choice. It kills 99.99% germs.
  • The more the proportion of Alcohol, the more germs get killed. And it leaves hands feeling clean and invigorated with the fragrance of its flavor.
  • Pocket-sized alcohol-based hand sanitizers are portable, reliable, and easy to carry all over. Hence, this kind of sanitizer is often most well-suitable for traveling purposes.
  • Also, alcohol-based hand sanitizer reduces abundant respiratory illnesses like contagious diseases and infections.
  • It is used in hospitals, offices, and different health care centers due to its effectiveness.

It works on the development of friction. So, as you rub it on your palm, between your fingers, the heat generated. The heat evaporates the Alcohol and other particles that take germs along with them.

(Brand Name) hand sanitizer is an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with moisturizers and Vitamin E. Online Market Place UK is one of the best hand sanitizer brands. It is available in a 10 ml bottle pocket-sized hand sanitizer, portable and easy to use on the go, and a 50 ml spray for disinfecting surfaces, doorknob, and countertops. It ensures 99.99% protection against germs and viruses.

How to use Alcohol-based Hand Sanitizers

First, take a coin-sized drop of hand sanitizer on your palm. Rub it everywhere from the inside to the outside of your palm. Rub along your palm till they become dry. If hands are getting dry, it means that it’s working, Alcohol is killing germs.

Avoid intake of Alcohol-based sanitizers. As it can lead to Alcohol poisoning is there is an intake of a few mouthfuls.

Non-Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizers

  • Alcohol-free hand sanitizers do not kill all kinds of germs, bacteria, and viruses.
  • Alcohol-free hand sanitizers contain quaternary ammonium ion compounds (called benzalkonium chloride) rather than Alcohol to scale back microbes. These agents are less effective than Alcohol.
  • Alcohol-free hand sanitizers don’t dry out hands. They produce very little foam once rubbing hands.
  • They haven’t any fragrance. Most alcohol-free hand sanitizers within the market are water-based foam.
  • Many alcohol-free hand sanitizers contain 0-1% concentration of Benzalkonium, rest of the solution contains water, skin conditioner and antioxidant for dampening purpose.
  • Usually, these solutions are easier on the hands. The chances of fireplace hazards are much less and are non-damaging to surfaces.


In conclusion, choosing the best type of hand sanitizer for you is a matter of personal preference. But we must also consider how the product is useful and where.

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